Blades of Avernum Players' FAQ

Q1: Where do I download new scenarios?

A: You can find them either on Spiderweb's scenario tables, where a few scenarios are hosted, or at the sites linked from there (Tyran's Archive or the Blades Forge).

NOTE: The most reliable source for a scenario is almost invariably the scenario's designer! Check designers' homepages (on my links page) to make sure you're using the latest version. Archives are sometimes slow or unreliable about uploading new versions.

Note also that CSR is a list of (almost) all scenarios ever released for BoA. The High Level Party Maker (available elsewhere on this site) also has such a list, but it tends not to get updated nearly as often as CSR does.

Q2: I have a question about Valley of the Dying Things, the first scenario for BoA and the only one in the demo. What can I do?

A: Fortunately, I made a FAQ specifically devoted to VoDT. It's here.

Q3: Can I get more detail about the scenarios than the little number that Spidweb's tables give?

A: Yes. CSR is the "Comprehensive Scenario Rankings" for both BoE and BoA, and (almost) every scenario ever released is there, with detailed commentary by experienced players. Take all ratings with a grain of salt.

Q4: Does anyone know what the special skills are and how you get them?

A: Yes. Check out the list of special skills.

Q5: I downloaded one of these supposedly good, bug-free scenarios and fairly early on, I got an error that completely crashed the game that said something about an unknown call, "append_string" or "clear_buffer." What gives?

A: Update your copy of BoA to the latest version. These were calls added later than the first release of BoA.

Q6: I downloaded a bunch of scenarios from Spiderweb and put them in my scenario folder, but they don't show up in BoA! What gives?

A: Check the extension on those files. If they are files, not folders, with the extension .exs, not .bas, then you've downloaded BoE scenarios, and they won't work on BoA. Go to the scenario tables linked above to download BoA scenarios.

Q7: But can't you import BoE scenarios into BoA?

A: Not automatically, no. BoA has an "importer" of sorts, but the dialogue, custom graphics, and myriad other things need to be changed even after BoA does the import, or else the scenario will malfunction badly. Unless you actually made the scenario, you very probably won't be able to port it.

Q8: I am a prospective BoA designer, and I have some questions about that. Do you have a FAQ for designers?

A: Yes. It's here.